Dubai through my eyes

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Dubai through my eyes




Dubai through my eyes, a story which started exactly 4 months ago when i visited Dubai for 3 months. I boarded a flight from Indra Gandhi international airport India for Dubai, the flight is approximately of 3:30 hrs. This was my first trip to the middle east after i grew up and i was expecting Dubai to be a Massive concrete jungle and lacking any real culture or history as you can expect from me as i am from India which is know for its rich tradition and history. I am going to give you every detail about the greatest city.


I am going to tell you as a tourist which truthfully i was not, as i landed in Dubai, as my feet touched the first bit of pavement i could feel my bank accounts shudder. The skyline touched the heavens and almost every car on the streets were Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce or any other luxury or sports car that you can think of. After i became familiar with the place i came to know that Dubai was actually overflowing with culture and tradition borrowed from thousands of foreigners who called Dubai “home”.

As time passed i was able to truly experience the city. I went to the largest mall, next to the largest building this world has ever seen, the largest fountain, the greatest laser show, experienced the desert safari with the best tourism company in Dubai

Later i realized that Dubai was everything that people want it to be.

Over the top

The city was trendy with nightlife that made it look like Las Vegas.

The city was safe despite massive amounts of wealth and power, most people left their luxury vehicles unlocked and their doors open to visitors

The people were quite friendly and helping.

“travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries”

-Aldous Huxley

So, Dubai actually turned out to be so much more than i could have ever expected. There’s beauty to be found in every corner of the world, you just have to be open to experiencing it.



Top things to do in Dubai

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  • Burj Al Arab:


    Among the top things to do in Dubai, the first and the foremost is to visit the one and only seven star and the most luxurious hotel in the entire world. Built on an artificial island almost 250 plus meters of the serene jumeirah beach. It was built in the late 1990’s, standing at a height of almost 320 meters and is among the world’s tallest hotels. It is acknowledged as the world’s only seven star hotel because of unique design and all its one of a kind features. So if you ever visit Dubai and you’ve got the budget, then advise you to book a suite or have dinner at this magnificent Hotel.

  • Desert Safari:

    Desert Safari

    Desert safari or Dune bashing or Dune Drive is also among the top things that you got to try if you are in Dubai. Desert safari gives you an overview of of the ancient emirati life style alone with intense thrill and fun which will send chills down your spine.Morning desert safari’s include dune drive in the middle of the desert, quad biking, buggy rides, camel rides, visit to camel farms and pick up and drop offs to and from your hotel whereas evening desert safari’s include dune drive, quad bikes, buggy safari’s, camel rides, belly dancing, Tanoura, heena painting ,  BBQ dinner, and smoking sheesha along with the same pick up and drop off. So don’t miss these amazing activities if you are ever in Dubai

  • Skydiving Dubai:

    Skydiving Dubai

    Dubai skydive is one of the best in the world and is among the top things to do in Dubai, with a dive from an altitude of almost 4000 meters and into the rush of the wind. You will dive with experienced instructors who have logged over more than 220,000 jumps,  you will be in good hands and harness as you jump above this marvelous city with an incredible view of the palm jumeirah as you swoop towards the dropping zone, you can also skydive above the dunes as there in a different dropping zone in the desert. The free fall of the dive last about a minute before your instructor opens the chute and followed by a five minute descent towards the drop zone.

  • The Burj Khalifa:

    The fountain Show
    The Burj Khalifa

    you all must have heard about the famous Burj khalifa, it is  another magnificent structure created using such architecture and engineering that it shocked the entire world and is only possible in Dubai, it an 829 meters tall structure with a total of 163 floors which include hotels, offices and residential apartments with an amazing view of the whole Dubai. Bringing the Burj khalifa to life required a combination of visionary ideals and solid science as it not only is tall but it is the tallest of the super tall and all other skyscrapers looks like toys beside it and also it has the tallest service elevator in the world. Not only this, every evening there is the famous water fountain show which is the tallest Performing fountain in downtown Dubai. When the fountain starts there is about 22000 gallons water in the air at any given moment, so it is one of the top things to do in Dubai.

  • Dubai Mall:

    Top things to do in Dubai

    Talking about all the top things to do in Dubai, Visiting the 19th largest shopping mall in the world should be one of those things. Dubai mall is a part of $20 Billion downtown complex and has around 1200 shops spread over 13 million square foot which is about the size of approximately 50 football fields. Dubai has mall has an indoor aquarium which showcase more than 300 species of marine animals including sharks and rays.